Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Mia is a college friend from good ole Bucknell. We lived next door to each other freshman year, and, as with many of the folks from this hall, became one of my best friends. We ended up living together in the best Gateway ever (Roser 130!) during our senior year and have managed to keep in touch during the five years following graduation. A feat a certain parent didn't think would happen... :)
Here's a photo of us on Martha's Vineyard in July of 2002, me with longer hair and Mia with shorter. Hmmm, interesting.

Mia is in the midst of making major career and life decisions, and even with all that going on, she is still able to care for me as her friend. She is kind, opinionated, easy to share a giggle or a fun memory with, tells it like it is, and a wonderful friend. It's cool is that we have that sort of mutual support thing going on, which is particularly important during what appears to be one of those good quarter-life crisis moments.
Keep the faith Mia, and remember "the pen is reeeeeee---royal blue." :)


Welcome, my name is Aline. said...

Ahhh.. memories of Liar Liar..

Lizzie said...

I know, huh?