Saturday, July 21, 2007


Aline is my freshman year college roommate. Matched together by the amazing powers of country music (we speculate), we ended up rooming together during the entire time we were at Bucknell. "Joined at the hip" doesn't even scratch the surface. :) This summer she is being all fancy and European, working in the French wine industry, which is of course, across a major ocean. We don't get to talk as much now as we did when she was still in the U.S. and although we still write and email, it's just not the same. We got to talk this past Friday on the phone though, and it was so nice. She is really a great friend (and a great talker as anyone who knows her can attest), but one of the coolest things about her is how she can give the perfect advice without even knowing she is doing it. She may be talking about one thing but later on I'll realize how appropriate and true it is for another situation, frequently one that has been on my mind a lot.
So, here's to Aline: tri-lingual MBA dork extraordinaire! :)

Oh yeah, and she LOVES ferris wheels, as you can tell from this picture. :)

Friday, July 13, 2007

car flirting

So I'm driving home from work, as I do every day, checking out my fellow drivers, as I do every day, and I came to realize a phenomenon I will henceforth refer to as car flirting. Now, I don't mean making eyes at the hottie beside you at a stop light or any overt forms of flirting. I am talking about the cars actually flirting, with a slight bit of involvement on the part of the driver. So I see a cute guy in my rear-view, his car passes me. My car catches up with him at the next slow spot, and we get off at the same exit. Then we get off at the same exit again. Obviously our cars have a thing going on...can I help it if I am loving the veil of secrecy my sunglasses and rear-view mirrors provide me? :)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Interesting factoid and photo shortage

1. Did you know that the inside of a blueberry is white? Who knew? I mean, who bites into a blueberry to find that out?

2. My camera is on the blink so the photo part of this blog will be slightly diminished until I can figure that out.

Monday, July 02, 2007

surprise visits

I just watched a sappy romantic comedy and so I KNOW this post will be colored by the neat perfection of that all, but is it so wrong to enjoy that once in a while? It is making me think about the possibility of taking a trip somewhere and just showing up on someone's doorstep without calling first. That sounds fun, in a way. Of course, there are many possible disastrous eventualities that might come of it, but like I said, being colored by the perfection of the movies. And that is making me feel all cozy and smiley, which is always a good comforting feeling regardless.