Friday, July 13, 2007

car flirting

So I'm driving home from work, as I do every day, checking out my fellow drivers, as I do every day, and I came to realize a phenomenon I will henceforth refer to as car flirting. Now, I don't mean making eyes at the hottie beside you at a stop light or any overt forms of flirting. I am talking about the cars actually flirting, with a slight bit of involvement on the part of the driver. So I see a cute guy in my rear-view, his car passes me. My car catches up with him at the next slow spot, and we get off at the same exit. Then we get off at the same exit again. Obviously our cars have a thing going on...can I help it if I am loving the veil of secrecy my sunglasses and rear-view mirrors provide me? :)


Sunitha said...

Hmmmm, interesting, and does your car only engage in this type of behavior when it is a fine looking young gentleman in the other car?

Lizzie said...

YES! It's crazy how specific it is. :)