Saturday, July 21, 2007


Aline is my freshman year college roommate. Matched together by the amazing powers of country music (we speculate), we ended up rooming together during the entire time we were at Bucknell. "Joined at the hip" doesn't even scratch the surface. :) This summer she is being all fancy and European, working in the French wine industry, which is of course, across a major ocean. We don't get to talk as much now as we did when she was still in the U.S. and although we still write and email, it's just not the same. We got to talk this past Friday on the phone though, and it was so nice. She is really a great friend (and a great talker as anyone who knows her can attest), but one of the coolest things about her is how she can give the perfect advice without even knowing she is doing it. She may be talking about one thing but later on I'll realize how appropriate and true it is for another situation, frequently one that has been on my mind a lot.
So, here's to Aline: tri-lingual MBA dork extraordinaire! :)

Oh yeah, and she LOVES ferris wheels, as you can tell from this picture. :)


roxx_mii_soxx_21 said...

heyy nice blog

Sunitha said...

and she has good taste... in friends ;)