Thursday, November 09, 2006

I get a salary, what??

Today was my first day of my first salaried job. Whew! I feel like I have finally made it, and it is exhausting. :) Dealing with insurance forms, and all that grown-up stuff sure drains a girl. Not to mention the barrage of information that is thrown at one on the first day. But luckily it is like the first day of school, where you get your books and learn where the paste is, but no one expects you to do a whole lot of work. Plus it is a pretty relaxed bunch that I am working with, which is really REALLY nice. They are all very friendly and have offered numerous times to help me find a permanent place to stay. I am currently staying in a room-for-rent temporary place, which is fine, but I am really jonesing for my own space. But all in all I am in one piece and hanging in there. More updates as I get more steady internet access in the next few weeks...yay!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Job anyone?

Hey everyone! Some exciting news has brought me back out of the woodwork...I got a job offer on Friday! And a real, honest-to-goodness offer, not one that only lasted 45 minutes like the last one (a story for another day). It is in Blaine, Minnesota, just north of the Twin Cities, and although I haven't officially accepted yet, I am leaning that way. I'll fill in more details as it becomes official and I get more of a plan going, but I just wanted to share this excitement with everyone!

Friday, September 15, 2006

September Updates!

I am still here! I am alive! Never fear! :)
Sorry for the lengthy hiatus from blogging, but it has been a hiatus from much of my online activity as well. This is mainly because I have moved from my old apartment (and it's free wireless internet connection) into a friend's house where I have no internet access for my computer. So the combination of not being on my computer much, moving, and visiting my folks in Connecticut have kept me away.
The job search continues, but the part-time temporary employment has been extended further with a possible raise. At least it is something.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Food du jour

Well, I have been living without my Indians for just about a year now, and I am happy to report that I haven't lost their influence. I had red lentils with onions and mango lassi to eat for dinner tonight. I know it isn't as elaborate as it should be, but this is a "moving in a week" meal. I'll take what I can get.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


My cousin introduced me to FOMO...Fear Of Missing Out. I have a serious case of FOMO this weekend, because there was a carload of folks heading to Carbondale to visit the new Poornima-Nanu house and I wasn't able to go! Bummer to the max dude. I miss you guys!! But as a small consolation, I will make my meager contribution of this photo taken last year when they were first moving to Carbondale. See, there's Poornima, Nanu and Shaq...of course.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Like it's my job

Well, the search for full-time employment continues...nothing terribly promising at the moment, but I will soldier on. I have an "appointment" with some folks in Chicago next weekend, mainly to just talk, but we'll see what comes of that. I know I haven't been searching that long, but I am getting frustrated with apparent interest on the part of employers and then them dropping off the face of the earth. I didn't really expect this to happen and so it is somewhat puzzling. The thought of being homeless and jobless in less than a month is starting to creep in...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Roll With It

What is it that everything seems to come to a head at the same time in my life? I mean, why can't things be spaced a little better, a little wider. Theoretically that would enable me to grapple with things on their own, rather than as part of a bazillion other issues/problems/whatever. I guess trying to work this all out is part of growing up, but dang if it isn't tough. I know that I'll be the stronger for it, but confusion and anxiety are making that difficult to see right now. Quarter life crisis? I think so.

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Rhythm of the Blog

Well, I have just realized (and by "just" I mean "in the last week since I created this blog") that blogging is a lot of work. Particularly so when pictures are involved because they have to be uploaded and attached and all that jazz. And I like when people put up pictures so I want to do that a bunch too. Anyway, realizing this has brought me to the conclusion that this blog is going to be more of a weekly thing than a daily thing. Just so everyone is hip to the plan.


Yup, that's me, sitting at Indianpolis Motor Speedway (IMS) yesterday with thousands of Formula 1 racecar fans, cheering Michael Schumacher on to victory. (Go Ferrari!)

Don't I look cool with my big earphones? It was super loud, so they became part of my head for the day, as did the squishy earplugs that I have in my ears underneath the headphones.

I was treated to my first IMS experience by my friend Matthew and his parents, who are real fans and have an annual tradition of attending this race. I am totally grateful to them for including me, in both the race as well as the weekend as a whole. It was super fun and although I am not sure I have turned into a rabid F1 fan just yet, I have a wider worldview for it. Thanks guys.
Now here's a funny story to go along with things...See this fabulous face paint that I was sporting for the race? Well, Dinoco is the big racecar sponsor in the movie "Cars" and 43 is their big car (voice of Richard Petty). I loved the movie and thought I'd mix it up a little on Sunday, rather than painting Ferrari or McLaren or something. So I wore it all day, and even though I put on sun block before the paint, I have a bit of a tan line. It is so silly looking! See for yourself! The 3 is particularly clear. Heehee. :)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Birthday Resolution

Friday was my 26th birthday. As I sat at the Irish Lion with a plate of Blarney Puffballs and a half yard of cider in front of me, surrounded by former classmates, I thought "How have I survived this long without a blog??" Particularly since I have such good role models in Abby, Leah, Poornima, among others?? So here is my adventure into the blogging world, we'll see how it goes.

(and yes, I drank the whole thing...quite the feat for a lightweight like myself)