Tuesday, September 23, 2008


In the past, oh, about 2 years, I've found myself becoming increasingly interested in sports. I've always had a certain amount of interest in the goings on of the athletic field (no pun intended), as well as a certain degree of interest in participating in sports. But about 2 years ago, I really got into watching and following, particularly, football. I attribute this growth to my dear friend Andrea, who is a die-hard Indianapolis Colts fan. I believe that it was her wonderful influence that boosted my interest from that of casual observer to excited follower. This is not to say that I'm a crazy fan, such as Jimmy Fallon modeled in "Fever Pitch" or as Chris (the bf) models with his love for the Vikings. But it is to say that I have an interest and knowledge to participate in sports related conversations with some degree of authority and don't feel totally in the dark about what's being said.
My professional sporting attendance has been primarily contained within baseball. I think I've been to 5 major league ballparks, and games too numerous to count on two hands. I've been to professional hockey games (two, to be exact), and I've seen two professional basketball games in two different cities. I've even seen an international soccer match. But I had never seen a pro football game...until a week ago.
The Colts were coming to town, and I bought tickets. I went to the Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN, I bought a dome dog, I wore my blue and white. :) It was a very fun time. Quite different from other sporting events I've gone to. Vikings fans are die-hard. They filled the dome with a deafening roar, to make Peyton unable to call plays very well and to cheer on the scoring. They also filled the dome with booing at the drop of a hat though, for a bad play call or a fumbled ball. They can turn on their own like that!
And the end of the story is that the Colts won, 18-15, and that Chris and I are still speaking.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Aline and I have lamented this fact before, many times, but it keeps coming up. I need to vent a little bit I guess...
Why does it seem like I am the only person in the world who is able to be flexible with my schedule and re-arrange things to fit with other people's schedules? Is it just that I am an organizer and a planner, and therefore have the ability to do so? Is it that I am so much of a pushover that I let people dictate how I spend my time? Do I want to please everyone so much that I do so to my own detriment? I don't understand it. I do recognize that plans change and one has to be flexible. It is frustrating when such well crafted plans get thrown out the window, though. I can't help but feel a little disappointed when that happens.
Best laid plans of mice and men... C'est la vie...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

donors and patience

Two of my wonderful former co-workers have undergone some pretty amazing feats of medical activity in the past short while. They are so amazing and I felt the need to share them.

Mark had a bone marrow transplant last June. He's now home with his family, almost completely recovered. AMAZING! So wonderful and inspiring, his story, his strugggle, his strength. He's now "in talks" with his donor, which I can't even fathom. Here's the website that he's been using to communicate with all of his fans. You can see for yourself how great things are going for him!

Another co-worker, Gregg, had a kidney transplant just this past Sunday! It was a super last-minute dealy-bobber, but it went well and he is recovering now for the next couple of weeks. (Yes, dealy-bobber IS the technical medical term, actually...) Since this was a fairly recent thing, there aren't a lot of details as Gregg continues to recuperate, but I've heard that he is "doing great!"

As difficult as it is to go through a transplant or other major medical procedure (thankfully I've not had occassion to experience either yet), I am continually amazed
at the strength and patience of people in that situation. It's humbling, particularly as someone who has been basically in good health for their whole life. But more than that, it's inspiring. Their grace and gratitude should be an example to us all.

On a related note:
During the period of September 7-22, the National Bone Marrow Registry ONLINE is going to have the $52 fee waived, it will be sponsored by the NASCAR Foundation.

So if you ever thought about it, but were not sure, this is the best time to check out the entire process! Actually, joining online is the easier way to do it, you just fill up a registration form and they sent you a kit containing a cheek swab. It is that simple, no blood test! And then nothing will happen unless there is a specific patient that matches your genetic profile. Only then you will be contacted, and an additional high resolution blood test will be run, to see if that you are indeed a match. Also, at any time during the entire process you have the right to opt-out. If you need more information about the donation process, you can check out this link.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


I love going on vacation. And I love my family. Despite my odd face in this photo.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

the batman

If there is anyone out there like myself, who, until yesterday, had not yet seen "The Dark Knight" yet, you MUST go see it. I saw it yesterday, and even though I had to pee for pretty much the entire movie, it was still excellent. I laughed, I cried, I did NOT wet my pants... Anyway, it's really good. :)