Thursday, February 21, 2008

responding to a comment

A comment made by my Aunt Maggie in the last entry has prompted me to respond for all the world to see/read. "Since when am I Lizzie?" Good question. Although a more appropriate question to me is "Since WHERE am I Lizzie?"
In my life, I have had many nicknames, for-shorts, or name taunts. One of these names is Lizzie. I found that Lizzie came out in full force when I was studying abroad in Botswana. I can't recall if it was my fellow American students or the Batswana who decided that Lizzie was what they were going to call me, but somehow it stuck. I kind of liked it, actually. When I was 13, I definitely would NOT have liked it, but then, at a mature 20 years old, it was catchy. I think it was a bit homey feeling, so I liked it in that it made me feel comforted being so far away from my home. So Lizzie is associated with Botswana, for me.
So I sometimes refer to myself as Lizzie, when it feels like Elizabeth or Liz is just too pedestrian for the moment. Overall though, I refer to myself as Elizabeth, and probably alway will. I like my name. I don't mind when people call me other things, but I'm content with Elizabeth too.
My family calls me Elizabeth too, as do my co-workers mostly. I find that unless someone has a strong urge to shorten names, they usually end up calling me the name I am first are introduced with.
In high school, Liz started to become more and more popular (the name, not the person!). My fellow band members called me Beth, and my volleyball teammates called me Mikey (thanks to the clever imagination of one when she found out my middle name was Michael). I could very easily narrow down who was calling me from across the hall by the name they used.
In college, there were four Elizabeths on my hall alone, so I very quickly became Liz (as different from Liz K. and Lizzie B. and the other Elizabeth who never made it in the first place).
In elementary school, some silly boys in the neighborhood called me Lizard-breath, and to that I say "very creative boys, never heard that one before."
Another nickname I've gotten from family, mainly my mother is a bit of a progression. Elizabeth, Elizabean, Beans, Beanie, Beano.
So I pretty much respond to whatever name. And I enjoy the variety. One of my current co-workers even proposed calling me Betty, but that doesn't seem to have stuck.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, I had to spend my Valentine's Day staying late at work (not too late)...but it was all ok in the end because I was wearing my Valentine's Day socks. :)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

reverse chronology

St. Paul Winter Carnival.

Twins Fest.

Indiana Hoosiers v. Minnesota Gophers men's basketball.

Fall in IN.

Fall in MN.

Lizzie's first Twins game.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

how cool is this??

I have been wanting to post this since I got the link forwarded for his blog, but it's taken me a little while (surprise, surprise). That in NO way diminishes how very awesome it all is...
So I'd like to introduce everyone to my cousin Michael. He's my cousin through my mom's sister, 4th of 7 cousins, I'm in the middle.
So check out his blog and see what cool things he's doing at the moment, and how well he writes about them. It's super super cool, I can't even stand it sometimes! Right now he is in Santiago, Spain, where he just arrived after completing the Camino Primitivo (freakin' LONG walk) from Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela. He walked the whole way (about 27km each day if I remember correctly), staying in hostels (aka: albergues), trying to avoid the temptations of calling a taxi. And if that wasn't amazing enough, he has been writing along the way. He's a really good writer, and I agree with my Mom when she says his blog "sounds just like him."
Michael's International Aventures