Monday, December 31, 2007

The New Year

I always get to New Year's Eve with such a feeling of anticipation, of expectation and wonder for the new year to come. A whole new year. There is something relaxing and invigorating about that, particularly for me, a person who frequently operates in very specific segments of time. I try not to read too much into it all, not letting the way I spend my New Year's Eve color my outlook in the upcoming year, but for once not being able to do that has turned out to be a good thing. At least I think it will turn out that way.
I went to the Minnesota Wild hockey game tonight with my good friend Matthew. We did this last year as well, although the difference this year was that he had to leave and drive back to Iowa to catch a plane in the morning. It was a very fun day, replete with ice skating this morning, but the fact that his visit ended before midnight seems telling to me. I hope to leave "him" in 2007, and look forward rather than backwards in 2008. It's probably something that should have happened earlier, something that didn't need a new year to usher in, but sometimes things just take longer than I expect (or want) them to take. And realizing that too is as much of a new beginning as anything.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Elizabeth, the Inspector

Well, I was thinking of things I wanted to write about, for which I have photos on my work computer (which is where I am composing this post), so that folks don't have to be bored stiff with the lack o pictures from Lizzie.
So here's one that, I'm told, is particularly amusing.
This is usually what I look like at work, tromping out to some construction sites to make sure that they are keeping sediment from washing into the streams and storm sewers. Sometimes, it is sucky, like when it's cold and cloudy. But lots of times it's really cool, like when it's nice and sunny, and contractors are doing what they are supposed to be doing. :) I'm probably not going to do this for the rest of my life, but for the near future I am. I like it. I like the experience I am getting from it, and all of the different things I'm learning being part of such a small organization where everyone has to pitch in all the time. I feel like I am getting good "street cred" too.
Can you tell I like yellow?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

cameras, computers, Christmas

Well, I finally got my camera fixed (for free!) and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a computer that's pretty much crapped out on me. So I'll work on getting some new pictures up, although there are all these other ones stuck on my computer that I wanted to use in posts. Oh well, guess there will be another small delay. :)
I'm spending a wonderful sunny, but chilly, Saturday cleaning my apartment, preparing for my 2nd Annual Apartment Building Christmas Party! It's tomorrow evening. So festive!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Fitting Tribute

In the beginning of November, I was so happy to be able to travel to New York state to celebrate my Grandpa with family and friends.
The trip didn't start out so well though. The last thing I had to do before leaving for the airport was meet with a permit holder to discuss his project. He was none too happy about things and he parted on fairly heated terms. I really hate that, when people are grumpy with me. And I also fester. So it was frustrating to start off that way.
But by the time I got on the plane, I had calmed down and I was (miraculously) able to put work out of my mind almost entirely that weekend. I was quite happy with that, because I had been pushing pretty hard and didn't realize I needed the break. I spent the weekend just being with family, helping out as needed, but not really having a schedule or plan myself. I liked that feeling, being able to jump in wherever I was needed at a moment's notice. It was also nice to just wander around the house, being reminded of my grandparents in the most mundane objects, like the paper cups in the bathroom and refrigerator magnets. It was very calming and comforting.
We held a memorial service for Grandpa on Saturday and a lunch reception following. I was struck by what an appropriate gathering it was, the whole day actually. Much of the remembrance revolved around the extended family gatherings, bridge club, church groups, golf outings, etc. that both of my grandparents liked and did frequently. I could just picture Grandpa making his rounds to see everyone and making jokes with the catering staff. It was quite a fitting event and tribute, if you ask me. And I was soooooo glad that I got to go. Not that I wouldn't have gone, but it just worked out, and that was certainly very nice.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I know, I know

Yeah, I know, ain't seen much of me lately. I'll have to fill you in sometime soon! :)