Thursday, November 09, 2006

I get a salary, what??

Today was my first day of my first salaried job. Whew! I feel like I have finally made it, and it is exhausting. :) Dealing with insurance forms, and all that grown-up stuff sure drains a girl. Not to mention the barrage of information that is thrown at one on the first day. But luckily it is like the first day of school, where you get your books and learn where the paste is, but no one expects you to do a whole lot of work. Plus it is a pretty relaxed bunch that I am working with, which is really REALLY nice. They are all very friendly and have offered numerous times to help me find a permanent place to stay. I am currently staying in a room-for-rent temporary place, which is fine, but I am really jonesing for my own space. But all in all I am in one piece and hanging in there. More updates as I get more steady internet access in the next few weeks...yay!