Monday, July 03, 2006

The Rhythm of the Blog

Well, I have just realized (and by "just" I mean "in the last week since I created this blog") that blogging is a lot of work. Particularly so when pictures are involved because they have to be uploaded and attached and all that jazz. And I like when people put up pictures so I want to do that a bunch too. Anyway, realizing this has brought me to the conclusion that this blog is going to be more of a weekly thing than a daily thing. Just so everyone is hip to the plan.


abbyladybug said...

I'm game. Yes, it's work, but it gets way easier with practice.

poornima said...

Aww...once a week huh? But Abby's right. It really does get easier once you've figured out the basics. The first ten posts are kinda hard. But then it gets easier.
Little tricks like - leaving your camera cord plugged into your computer all the time, so that you can tranfer pictures in an instant - are wonderful timesavers.

Lizzie said...

Good, I was hoping to hear that practice makes it easier. And thanks for the tips too. I bet it will probably be more often than once a week at some points, but I just didn't want y'all to have to high of expectations.