Sunday, April 08, 2007


As I've been struggling with former friends who have been less than I had hoped, my inner "Pollyanna" is coming out. Recently, I've been incredibly supported by numerous other friends who have been much MORE than their distance should define. So, I am deciding to share them with each other.

I am going to dedicate posts in the next few weeks to my wonderful friends. Not all posts will be in this vein, but many of them will. I have completely wonderful people, and don't I know it!!

(Disclaimer: Notice that I said numerous before. This means that I will most likely be writing til the cows come home to get everyone in. If it takes a while, don't be discouraged; I love you too!)


Princess Karamiri said... sweet! Love the table runner btw!

Princess Karamiri said...

Oh wait...isnt that your apt. in Bloomington - the one you and Sunita shared? :)

Lizzie said...

Yup, that's an old photo. I just found it again in my files and thought it a totally random sort of way.

Princess Karamiri said...

It does!