Saturday, April 18, 2009

my wonderful Easter...

...began with going to church with my wonderful boyfriend. We got up for the 8am service. 8am is very early for Chris.

Then we spent the day with the Hosch family at Matt's house. Matt is the oldest of the siblings.
We ate good food, enjoyed the beautiful day, and Simon, who is 3.5, sat in a box. We all celebrate differently I guess.

We also enjoyed a bit of car racing on the wooden floor. And just like in the movie, Mater kept going backwards!

I frequently get bummed out about being an adult, when the kids get to have all the fun. But I realized that it's just as fun to hide the eggs for the egg hunt (we were helping out the Easter Bunny) as it is to find them. Score! Being an adult can be just as fun as being a kid!

These photos are from our egg dying session the previous weekend. Chris with his niece and nephew. They are so cute.

And these were our eggs, post-dye. We used some brown eggs too, which gave the colors more of a muted, earthy look. It was very cool.

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