Saturday, April 10, 2010

Life goes on

...and a little too quickly most of the time! I have again been reminded to update le blog, which has taken a back back seat to most everything else in my life. I certainly don't post with the regularity I used to, but I somehow can't bring myself to delete it entirely. There's so much of me here, that I don't want to say goodbye, at least just yet. I'll continue to post infrequently, so that may take some adjustment from all sides. :)

Life is crazy at the moment. I know it usually seems that way, so I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but that's the truth. Wedding planning goes in cycles of stress and fun/excitement. I'm trying to keep some balance between wedding stuff and the rest of my life, but that's still a challenge. The parents visited last weekend for Easter, and gave me a good dose of wedding reality. There's a lot left to do! :) I love my parents, and they certainly know how I operate and are able to bring up things in a sensitive way, but the main thing I took from their visit is that there are too many things that we've not even considered yet, let alone completed. It is good to know about these things, it's just hard to keep track of it all sometimes.

In other news, I have a new cousin! Calvin Alexander Meyer was born last week, and along with Mom, is home from the hospital already. Excellent news for being born a month early. Calvin swells the ranks of my group of 1st cousins once removed to 3, which is very cool. What's up with everyone having babies, huh? :)

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