Sunday, May 24, 2009


I freakin' love baseball. It's true. I think I come to love it more and more as time passes, and as I see more games that are just awesome games. Tonight was my first Twins game of the 2009 season and what a game it was. The Minnesota Twins beat the Milwaukee Brewers 6 to 3. All runs were scored with home run hits for a total of 5 in the game. The third of the three hit by the Twins was a grand slam home run from Justin Morneau. Joe Mauer had just gotten beaned in the right arm to walk and Justin came out to show the what's what. It was a rocket to the upper deck of right field. It was simply electric! I'd never seen a grand slam in person before, so this was quite a momentous occassion.
Also, slightly less wholesome of an event was the guy who jumped down on the field and was tackled by 5 security guards. The dude didn't even get a chance to try to run around before one security guard had him in a headlock and the others decended and sat on him. It was pretty intense.
We were sitting in the 5th row behind the left fielder, although because they don't let anyone sit in rows 1 or 2, it was effectively the 3rd row. They are really great seats, courtesy of some friends who have season tickets and couldn't use them tonight. Sorry you guys missed it, but super thankful for the chance to see a great game!

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