Sunday, September 09, 2007

shopping list: rubber gloves

I got a bunch of chili peppers at the farmers market today, to make a big thing of salsa. I decided to cut up everything this evening to make it tomorrow. I didn't use any gloves. I am seriously paying for it now, and wondering how the heck I will be able to fall asleep with these burning hands... I will be buying rubber gloves post haste.


Sunitha said...

Yoghurt! Soak em in cool plain yoghurt from the fridge!

Lizzie said...

I know, and I didn't have any yogurt! I tried milk, but that was only as good as long as I kept my hands in it. I got benadryl and rubbing alcohol today, which folks online mentioned as possible solutions. We'll see. It's not as bad today.

Princess Karamiri said...

ohno poor you! hope you're feeling better today.