Monday, May 14, 2007


Abby is a friend I met through a friend when I moved to Bloomington Indiana. The first time I met her, she had made a pizza that was too big and needed someone to help eat it. Well, not being one to turn down food (ever!), I happily tagged along and have been reveling in her food creations ever since (see below). Abby is one of my biggest food inspiration people. She is always trying new things and is a superb chef. (Plus she has really neato ice cream sundae glasses.) She is the foodie I aspire to be. :)

In recent months, it appears that Abby and I have gone through pretty similar transitions in our lives. We've both moved to new places for new adventures. This is not an easy thing to do, especially when things don't necessarily work out the way we think they should or are going to. We go through crap. We will inevitably go through more crap in the future. But if anyone can tackle it with enthusiasm and verve, it is my dear Abby.

I miss not living in the same place as Abby. It seemed like there was always a party wherever she went; a party with Upland, fun dips, Indian food, and karaoke. We need more of Abby in Minnesota. Lucky other state.

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